English summary
Industry Sectors (NACE) 70220:  Business and other management consultancy activities  
Description of activities:

We offer expertise in all key issues related to international business, helping both private and public sector institutions to identify opportunities, define goals, plan strategies and improve organizational effectiveness. 

We assist Finnish companies in international activities acting in cooperation with The Global Consultants TGC and Global Consulting Network GCN. TGC and GCN are fast-growing international networks of innovative consulting companies with business connections to almost a hundred countries worldwide.

We assist international companies to source products, services, technology and financing from Finland. We assist international companies to establish a business or a company in Finland. We assist in mergers and aquisitions.  Our network assists international chemical manufacturers, exporters/importers and downstream users in REACH regulatory process.

Products and Services (HS)

001210 Feasibility studies, not specified
001240 Pre-investment studies
001250 Market studies
001260 Economic evaluation
001700 Management consulting
001710 Project management
001740 Consulting, training and personnel administration
001760 Marketing consulting
009006 Trading
009740 Training and personnel contracting
009760 Marketing services and sub-services